50 Golden Years

Demonstrator Profile
Ms Akane Teshigahara is the fourth and current Iemoto of Sogetsu School. Since assuming leadership of Sogetsu School in 2001, she has actively embraced ‘free creation’. With her fresh and original sensibility, Iemoto Teshigahara has established her own style and involved herself in projects that bring Sogetsu Ikebana ‘in tune with the times’.

She planned and staged the street exhibition “Sogetsu Hana Avenue” in Omotesando, Tokyo in 2000 to bring the charms Sogetsu Ikebana to a wider range of audience, an event which morphed into a popular annual street exhibition for the next succeeding years.

She brought Sogetsu Ikebana to the forefront of visual art with her “Iemoto Ikebana Live” project, a series of live demonstrations of sumptuous Ikebana works on stage – complete with sound and lighting effects.

She inaugurated “Akane Junior Class” to give children a chance to develop their sensibility through Ikebana and has been dedicating herself to teaching them.

Her pursuit for fresh and original ideas led her to Ikebana collaborations with other art forms such as stage arts, jewellery design, dance, music and calligraphy among others.

For more info / to register, email events@sogetsusg.com or call Pandora on 9690 2700.

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