Learn Sogetsu

Learn-Sogetsu-SGSogetsu Ikebana allows the student to use a wide range of materials freely to express their creativity. These include withered grass, driftwood, feathers, dead tree trunks and roots, copper wires and even plastics.

Students start by learning the fundamentals of Ikebana, creating basic horizontal arrangements (moribana) and vertical arrangements (nageire). After mastering the fundamental techniques and styles are mastered, students are encouraged to apply their knowledge and creativity to create freestyle arrangements.

Sogetsu Ikebana is not restricted to small table displays for the home. It also extends to shop window displays, on stages and large indoor and outdoor installations. In Singapore, Sogetsu Ikebana classes available for all levels of learners.

Check out list of approved Sogetsu Ikebana teachers in Singapore below.

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