Sogetsu Ikebana Teachers in Singapore

The following are teachers qualified by Sogetsu School, Japan and approved by Singapore Sogetsu Association. Lessons are conducted in groups. The fees are charged by blocks of 6 lessons and vary according to the qualification / ranking of the teachers. Cost of floral materials and other related materials are not included.

The fees charged are based on qualification / ranking of the teachers.

  • Riji: $160 for 6 lessons
  • Komon: $130 for 6 lessons
  • 1st & 2nd grade teachers: $120 for 6 lessons
  • Below 2nd grade: $100 for 6 lessons
Name Ranking Contact
Mrs Pandora Ip Riji 9690 2700
Mr Bernard Tay Riji 9818 4322
Mr Christopher Lim Riji 9788 8327
Mrs Josephine Chia Riji 9699 0086
Mrs Susan Wong 1st grade 9105 7962
Mr Peter Chin 1st grade 97887318
Ms Chua Lee Hong 1st grade 97400781